Why Is RAM Not Put On The CPU Chip? – All about CPU In 2023

Why Is RAM Not Put On The CPU Chip

CPU (central processing unit) and RAM (random access memory) are the basic essential components in every computer.

These components work together, perform several functions like web browsing, and help you run different softwares.

Many people questioned why they couldn’t put RAM on the CPU chip. Its main reason is that the CPU produces heat, which may damage the RAM when heated.

Using CPU and RAM separately provides more flexibility like you can perform different tasks easily. And you can use different types of RAM.

When RAM is attached to a CPU chip, It may slow down its speed, affecting performance.

What is a CPU, and how does it work?

Many people think that tech is incredibly very confusing and difficult to understand. While choosing a laptop or laptop, they considered which dual processor was the best or quad.

The CPU is a crucial part of the computer. Simply put, It is called the brain of a computer system as it performs all the functions.  

We send our command to the CPU, and it gives us output as our commands answer. It executes addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Pcs had many processors in the past, but as with many other inventions, nowadays, PCs and laptops have only one processor. Sometimes it would be a microprocessor, mainly for laptops.

As with many other additions, the CPU also increases its functions, but its main function is decoding, fetching, and execution.

It works in three steps; Firstly, it fetches up all the data you give in the form of input. Then it decodes all the data in its coding language. And at the end, it gives us the output, the execution step.  

What is RAM, and how does it work?

What is RAM, and how does it work?
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In the world of technology, Every function and app needs a place to store its data. For storing data, RAM (random access memory) is used.

It is named dynamic memory because it stores temporary data of all the recently or currently used apps. It is also named short-term memory.

It loses all its data when a computer or laptop is shut down or restarted. Whenever you perform any function in the computer, it’s all data stored in RAM, and It sends commands to the CPU to calculate all data and give results.

It stores all data in binary form. And basically, it runs on capacitors and transistors. Its speed can be measured in megahertz(MHz) or gigahertz(GHz).

Moreover, RAM allows computers to execute more than one task at the same time, which enhances the overall performance of a computer.

Why is RAM essential for your PC?

Why is RAM essential for your PC
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RAM is a temporary storage device by which you can access your data easily. It helps you to perform your tasks faster.

It is essential for your PC because it stores data and speeds up the processor. In other words, it is not negligible that RAM and CPU work together; without RAM, your computer can’t work properly.

RAM also helps you multitask; it controls the apps and data from crashing and freezing and performs its duty smoothly.

Considering the importance of RAM, before buying a new laptop or computer, you must notice how much RAM is available and how efficiently it performs its tasks.

Can we run our PC without RAM?

If you want your computer to perform its tasks properly, you must check whether its basic components work properly.

The fundamentals of computers are CPU and RAM. They both play an important role in its working. Many users thought that computers might work properly without using RAM.

Is it possible? The exact answer is no. Because in computers, RAM is used as a temporary memory that stores data until the computer is shut down.

In rare cases, You may use a computer without RAM by using the computer’s small memory chip. This small chip is only able to run small applications and softwares.

What is the key difference in CPU or RAM?

What is the key difference in CPU or RAM?
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The main key difference between RAM and CPU is its performance and functions.

The CPU is the brain of the computer. It performs all the functions like running applications, managing softwares, and all other arithmetic operations. It receives signals and data from memory and does operations according to this data in various steps.

On the Other hand, RAM is called the short-term memory of all computers. It is used to save all the tasks currently performed by the CPU. When we open any application or software in the computer, it is stored in the RAM and then run by the CPU, and helps to start or run smoothly.

By measuring both, these are the essential components of the computer that work together but perform different tasks.

Similarities and Differences

RAM and CPU are both crucial parts of a computer. And both have some differences and some similarities. Here I explain in key points:


  • Both are responsible for the performance of the computer.
  • Both RAM and CPU manage the storage of data and its manipulation.
  • Both are very important for computers to work properly.


  • The function of a CPU is to perform calculations, and RAM stores all calculations for a short period.
  • The capacity of RAM is measured in gigabytes, and CPU capacity can be measured in megahertz.
  • When shut down, the CPU does not lose its data, while RAM loses it when the computer is turned off.

Considering these points, You can easily understand RAM and CPU’s basic functions and working.

By Compiling All Data:

Considering all the points discussed above, It is clear that CPU and RAM are different components but work together efficiently.

The computer needs both components, but separately, RAM is not inserted in the CPU because there is a great chance of burning with the CPU’s heat.

But it is used separately to gain the best performance and allows the CPU to work properly.


Is 16GB of RAM Enough for Me?

The capacity of RAM depends upon your needs and usage. If you want to play games and run other programs, 16GB of memory is enough. You can easily play games using 16GB of RAM while other applications run in the background.

Do you need to upgrade your RAM?

RAM is responsible for the performance and efficiency of your computer. When you observe that your laptop or pc interrupts working and doesn’t work properly, You must check the capacity of RAM and upgrade it according to your needs to work properly.

Unified Memory vs. RAM: How Do They Compare?

Unified memory and RAM are memory chips, but the main difference is that one is volatile and non-volatile. Unified memory can store data in it for a long time, while RAM can store data for a short term. After some time, it completely loses its data, while unified memory does lose its data.

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