Does thermal paste come with motherboard? | Detailed

Does thermal paste come with motherboard

If you are a beginner in the world of modern computer technology, there must be many queries in your mind about the product and accessories.

Let’s take an example of CPU, some CPUs of the old version have a different structure than the new inventions.

Like that in modern areas, CPUs are designed by the manufacturer but many innovations take place by the users.

Users can modify it according to their needs like an increase in the processor power or also in the RAM to store a handsome amount of data. 

Now we talk about the main keyword which is also the pin point in some minds. Many users want to know does the thermal paste come with motherboard or not.

If I give you the simple answer then I can say that “Yes” or “No” both are considered the correct answer. 

In this blog post, I will give you all the possible facts about the thermal paste and is it comes with a CPU or not.

Or if it is not with the CPU, what are the reasons behind it? Must read the complete article to get the know-how about all your question marks. 

Does thermal paste come with motherboard?

As I mentioned above the answer to this question is not much clear because the answer is both YES or NO.

The reason behind this acknowledgment is that the thermal paste attachment with the CPU depends upon the model and design of the CPU. 

Some CPUs are designed in a way that every component is pre-designed with it but it comes to some cases, users have to buy the thermal paste on their own.

This is because the manufacturer only designs the cooling system which is used to dissipate heat but not place the thermal paste because it is just used to transfer the maximum heat from the CPU to the cooling system. 

Thermal paste is the silicon material plate that is placed between the CPU and the cooling system. When it is not prefixed in the system, Many users buy the thermal paste on their own to get the proper performance from the CPU. 

During task performance, the CPU produces an inadequate amount of heat and it is very necessary to control this heat.

That’s why a cooling system s available in it. But if your CPU produces more heat and the cooling system is working according to its capacity, then you need to put the thermal paste which helps in the transfer of heat. 

Do CPUs Need Thermal Paste at All?

Yes, all the CPUs need a thermal paste. Some designers can prefixed the paste in the CPU but some don’t do it.

But according to my opinion, it is necessary for all the users and models. The thermal paste helps the heat to transfer from the processor to the heat sink to maintain the optimal temperature of the CPU. 

There is a little bit gap between the processor and the heat sink. Thermal paste is applied between them to fill this gap which helps the direct flow of heat toward the heat sink.

It is very crucial to maintain the temperature of the processor, if the temperature reaches the above level, you may have a big loss. 

Method of applying Thermal Paste:  

Although it is the work of the manufacturer or any expert if you need to fix the thermal paste urgently on your own. When you are trying to apply the thermal paste, must follow these tips: 

  1. After removing the case and separating the heat sink from the CPU, you must have to clean all the parts carefully with a clean cloth. Do not touch the heat sink and after cleaning, the surface should be shiny. Also, clean the CPU and GPU carefully. Dont, touch directly any part with your fingers, because it will last germs with your fingerprints. 
  2. Then apply the thermal paste in a thin layer carefully. It gives you more efficient results when the thin layer is applied. Make sure that the whole surface is covered, you can check it in a way, that you can’t see the heat sink which means your thermal paste is properly placed. 
  3. You must apply the paste by wearing gloves that prevent the spots of your fingers on the paste or any other component. 
  4. The most recommended thermal paste that is suitable for all types of CPUs is arctic silver 5. 
  5. Before opening the case you should check that there is no liquid material present near it. And avoid putting the components in the carpeted area because it may cause damage to the motherboard by leaving germs or any spots. 

By following these tips and tricks you can successfully apply the thermal paste and maintain the optimal temperature of your processor. 


At last, thermal paste is necessary for all the CPUs. Some models have a thermal paste that is pre-designed by the manufacturer but in some cases, it is applied by the users. I am already sharing the tips ad trick to apply thermal paste.

Thermal paste is used to transfer the heat from the processor to the cooling system just t maintain a processor at normal temperature and your processor is working very efficiently. 

If you want to acquire more knowledge about the CPU and its components, you can send us your query without any hesitation. We’ll try our best to give to an accurate and sufficient amount of knowledge. 


Does ryzen 5 5600x come with thermal paste?

Yes, the Ryzen 5 560x comes with the pre-applied thermal paste with the CPU. You do not need to buy the thermal pastel separately. The attached thermal paste is enough to transfer the proper heat. 

Do you need thermal paste for water cooling?

Yes, the thermal paste is necessary for water cooling or liquid cooling. Thermal paste is required for all types of cooling systems, It is the necessary component for the processor to maintain its temperature. 

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