Can I Plug Aio Pump Into Cpu Fan? – Complete Guide

Can I Plug Aio Pump Into Cpu Fan

AIO pump stands for All In One pump. It is used mostly in the liquid cooling system, It enhances the performance of the CPU by maintaining its temperature. It is used to move the liquid from the tubes to the radiator and from the radiator to the tubes. 

There is much confusion regarding the installation process, Many users have thought that it can be plugged by a separate socket and some have idea that it can be plugged into a CPU fan. In this blog post, I’m going to clear up all your confusion. 

You can plug the AIO pump into the CPU fan header, but it is not recommended by professionals. Instead of this, you can attach the AIO pump separately with the motherboard, which takes the power supply and work extra. It helps you to enhance your performance. 

AIO pump is run on a lower voltage and requires less power. On the other hand, the CPU fan is designed to fit in the CPU fan header which requires high voltage and power. If you are using an AIO pump in a CPU fan, it might be possible that your AIO pump is damaged due to high voltage. 

It is recommended to see the user manual to find out the best connections for AIO pumps and CPU fans. Must read this complete post to know amazing facts about CPU. 

Where do I connect my AIO pump? 

For CPU fans, many connectors or CPU fan header is used. Like CPU fans, AIO pumps are plugged in by using different connectors or AIO pump headers. 

The connectors used for the AIO pump are not quite different from the connectors used for CPU fans. Some of them are: 

USB Connector:

It is connected with the USB 2:0 header which is present in the motherboard. It is responsible to run the AIO pump or also RGB features which are attached to the motherboard. 

SATA Connector:

It is used to connect the free SATA cables, which are usually attached to the AIO pump, LED flashlights, RGB, and other tech features. 

4-pin Connector:

These are specifically designed for the devices which are connected to the radiator to cool down the temperature of the CPU fan with the help of the CPU fan header. 

3-pin Connector:

It is connected to the motherboard’s fan header. It is used to maintain the speed of the entire fan and the radiator. It helps in the detection of any error in the CPU fan header. 

These are the few connectors that are used nowadays to connect the AIO pump to the motherboard. 

Can you plug an AIO pump into CPU OPT?

CPU is a special device designed specifically to lower the temperature permanently. It always ensures to cool down the CPU. 

You can plug the AIO pump into CPU OPT but it is not supported. It might be dangerous because it is liquid or air, which exhibits the performance of the CPU OPT. 

CPU OPT is mainly used to detect whether the CPU is thermal throttling ( It is the phase in which the CPU become too hot but not in danger, it is the bearable highest temperature for the CPU). Or to increase or decrease the size of the CPU fan. 

The Risks of Plugging AIO Pump into CPU Fan Header?

You might face several issues while plugging the AIO pump into the CPU fan header. Some of the major hazards people go through by doing these types of blunders are: 

  1. One of the disastrous disadvantages is a mismatch of the voltage. Normally, the CPU fan header has a high power voltage of about 30V – 40V. But it is very high for the AIO pump, it can run efficiently in 12V. Due to high voltage, there is a great chance of damage to the AIO pump. 
  1. AIO pump has some advanced features, which are not supported by the CPU fan. As a result, the AIO pump is not able to perform its functions properly. And may damage the CPU fan. 
  1. Due to some advanced features, the AIO pump requires some extra voltage to run properly, which makes a load on the CPU fan which cause overheating. Due to overheating, it might be possible that your motherboard is damaged.

These are the few cons of using the AIO pump into the CPU header. I recommend you avoid plugging the AIO pump into the CPU fan. 

To sum up all data: 

It is concluded by all the points mentioned above, that you can plug the aio pump into cpu fan but it is not recommended. You can just do it under the consideration of the professionals. 

I recommend you first read the user manual and then take any risk of any type. If you have exact knowledge about both devices, you can easily plug the AIO pump and get better performance. 

If you want to get more about CPU, contact us and send us your query..!!! 


1. Should I plug my AIO into pump header?

Yes, you can plug the AIO into the pump header. Is the best recommendation of the professionals. Pump headers are specifically designed for the AIO pumps. 

2. Can you use any fan on AIO?

If the old fans are damaged, then you can change the fans but you should buy the fans same to the size of the AIO fans. If you use large or small fans it, could disturb the performance. 

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